- April 5, 2004
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>> Sprinkle Joins In The Fair Of The Latest Copy Of Harry Potter
The opening of the latest 5 th edition of Harry Potter organized by Narn Mee Books Co.,Ltd., recently has drawn a mass crowd, who takes the fancy for the leading actor, Harry Potter. Sprinkle has also brought pleasure for these famous novel fans with its 200 cc. Bottled cups as a gift.

Close-Coupled Couplings
Spacer Couplings

A - Two-piece flex element design allows for simple replacement without disturbing hubs or moving and realigning connected equipment.

B - Tough polyurethane material is bonded to a corrosion resistant coated shoe, eliminating the need for mechanical
clamping hardware.

C - Adhesive coated high strength carbon steel shoe esists corrosion.

D - Easily aligned reversible hubs accomodate multiple shaft gaps. Hubs are available in rough bore, custom bore, or bushed designs. Optional hub materials are available.

E - High grade capscrews are provided with self locking nylon thread patches. Stainless steel capscrews are also available.

F - Torsionally soft polyurethane element cushions shock loads, accomodates unavoidable misalignment and is compatible with most environments.

G - “V” notch design directs stress concentration away from the bond area providing a uniform failure area for overload
protection if required.


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